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Your Story...

We're going through a
and need to do something about the house

Did you know...  quitclaim deeds are NOT recognized in Texas?
Did you know...  even if you sign away your 1/2 of the property
you still might be on the hook for the payment??

Divorce is never easy. In addition to the emotional and physical toll this kind of stress takes on all members of the family, a frequent burden arising from divorce cases is what to do with the house... sometimes a judge will decree it must be sold as part of the settlement, sometimes funds from a house sale are needed to cover attorney's fees, or sometimes people just don't want to live in that memory anymore.

Our Solutions...

Details and circumstances of each home and family are different, so we work with homeowners to determine what options you might have and which direction you feel would be best for your specific situation.

  • If you just need a quick sale, we can offer all cash and

       close on your timeline. 


  • If a traditional listing  would be better, we have local

       agents who are ready to help.


  • If you decide to keep the house as a rental and split the

       proceeds, we can help you walk through the process.


  • If the house needs repairs  or is behind on payments, other options are also available.

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