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It pays to tell a friend!

1. You know of a friend or neighbor who could benefit from our services,

or maybe there's a vacant house on your street...

2. You tell them about us and have them contact us; or

you get their permission to give us their name, number, and email;

or tell us about a vacant house in your neighborhood.*

3. If we are able to complete the purchase and sale of their home successfully,  

4. Do it again and again--there's no limit to how many referrals you can make!*


*If multiple people refer the same property, referral bonus will go to the first party who submitted it prior to us contacting the homeowner. Owners cannot receive a referral bonus for their own property.

**ID required for payment; payouts are made via check mailed to recipient.

YOU GET $300!**

Here's how it works...

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