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Your Story...

I've fallen behind on
house payments and am facing 

Did you know...  in Texas, the foreclosure process can take 
as little as 7 weeks, leaving your credit in ruins???

What is Foreclosure?

Foreclosure is basically the process of repossessing a house.

         The procedures are slightly different for mortgage foreclosures vs. property taxes, HOA's, or other liens and judgements, but they are all called foreclosure.

(And YES, your HomeOwner's Association CAN take your house, even if you are current on your mortgage payments and taxes!)


How Mortgage Foreclosure works in Texas:

          When you miss a payment, before filing foreclosure your lender must send you a notice and allow you a small time period to make up the missed payments (20 days minimum). If you have not brought the account into good standing by the deadline, most agreements allow the lender to be able to demand the FULL LOAN AMOUNT be paid immediately (the entire amount, not just the missed payments).


          That means you no longer have the original 15, 20, or 30 years to pay off the loan, but they accelerate all the payments and call the note due now. In this case, the bank can simply has to send you a notice of foreclosure sale, file that notice with the county, then they can auction your house (no less than 21 days later) to the highest bidder in order to get their money back. If no one bids on the property, then the bank would end up owning it.


          In today's economy, homeowners fall behind on payments for many reasons, from job loss or medical concerns/bills, to divorce, poor financial choices, or even just plain old bad luck! The important things to realize in this situation are:


You're not alone!

This is an unfortunate, stressful situation, but don't despair--we can help you get through it.

You don't have time to waste!

With Foreclosure being such a speedy process in Texas, there's no time to wait and hope something

good might happen... we can help get things moving, but we need to start working on solutions TODAY!

You DO have options!

Each situation is different; there is no single cookie-cutter approach that works for all situations.

Our Solutions...

  • We can help you contact your bank to figure out how they're willing to work with you.


  • We can customize an option that best fits your goals, even if your house needs a lot of repairs.


  • If you just want to get away from the headache of it all, we can offer cash to purchase your home and close quickly.


  • We can match you with a reputable local Realtor®

       to guide you through a traditional listing and sale

       if that is in your best interest (depending on the

       timeline we're facing).


  • Other solutions might also be possible; contact us today to learn more!

Don't wait...
Contact Us TODAY!

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