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Your Story...

I'm tired of being a


□  Clean the house
  Advertise for tenants
  Hope I pick the best applicants
  Deal with paperwork
  Try to collect rent
  Answer calls from angry tenants
  Get notice from the HOA about an uncut lawn
□  Try to collect rent
  Unexpected major repairs to the roof
  Argue with spouse about the rental house
□  Try to collect rent
  Go to court to evict tenant
  Pay property taxes (even though the house is empty)
  Poor job review at work because of stress over the rental house
  Replace carpet; fix walls & windows; try to get rid of dog smells

Our Solutions...

Sometimes, all you need is a good property management company. We can get you hooked you up!

Maybe you need some guidance on screening applicants. We have experts who can answer your questions.

If you just want to sell the property and move on with your life, we can offer all cash and close on your timeline. Or if you prefer a more traditional sale, we can match you with a top agent who's ready to help.

If there are additional considerations (for example: a pending divorce,

the house needs some repairs, you're behind on mortgage payments),

other options might be better for you.

PEACE  OF  MIND is right around the corner

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