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At this time of sorrow...

                 ...please know there is help and hope.

Our Certified Probate Real Estate Specialists can help provide guidance

and resources when you need to:

  •  Deal with a property to settle an estate

  •  Figure out what to do with a home when a parent can no longer live on their own

  •  Make adjustments to living arrangements to accommodate a loved one with a long-term illness

We can direct you to a lawyer to help with legal matters or we can work with your chosen attorney. 


When it's time to deal with the house, contact us to talk about what resources you might need.

       (movers, cleaners, estate sale company, handyman, landscaper, pool maintenance, appraiser, etc.)

Let us help ease the stress!

Please contact us when the time is right to handle your real estate situation


Message sent. We'll be in touch shortly.

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