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I want to sell my house, 

but it needs some


Every house is going to need some work at some point, but when it's a little more extensive than replacing a light bulb or fixing a loose door handle, things can get overwhelming. And when major items or systems need repaired, costs add up very quickly!

Some people try to take on handyman jobs after work and on the weekends, but that takes precious time away from your family and other important responsibilities. And no one wants the hassle of managing multiple contractors for a long lists of tasks, especially when a house has been vacant for a while. It could even get to the point that an agent might refuse to work with you because the house needs too much work.

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Our Solutions...

If you're at the point where you're ready to sell your home to get rid of the stress it's causing, here's a few ways we can help:

  • If you just need a quick sale, we can offer all cash, AS-IS,  and close whenever you are ready..


  • If the house is vacant, we have a partner program that can make the repairs and sell the home for top dollar and pay you from the equity.


  • If you want to try a traditional listing, we work with local agents who know how to deal with this type of listing.


  • If the house is behind on payments, other options might be more favorable. (see FORECLOSURE)

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