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Your Story...

We're behind on Taxes or
have other Judgments or Liens

against the house 

When you can't keep up with taxes, mortgage payments, HOA fees, or other liens against your property, every day can be overwhelming. The thought of losing your home can be a life-changing stress, and some of these items can potentially cause even more trouble when you try to sell your house to settle your debts.

"Local governments do not look kindly on homeowners who don’t pay their property taxes, and they have some incredibly powerful collection tools that ensure that property taxes will be paid sooner or later--including selling your home."

Our Solutions...

Circumstances of each home and family are different, so we work with homeowners to determine what options you might have and which direction you feel would be best for your specific situation.

  • If you just need a quick sale, we can offer all cash and

       close on your timeline. 


  • If a traditional listing would be better, we work with

       local agents who are ready to help.


  • If the house is behind on payments, other solutions might be more effective. (see FORECLOSURE)


  • If the house needs repairs, other options are available.

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